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The conference producers are currently developing the agenda and allocating speakers key discussion points for Africa Agri-Finance Forum 2019. Find time and download our conference brochure


If you wish to become a speaker, please contact Brenda at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be guided.



•Strategies for Overcoming Barriers to Agricultural Financing


- How can innovation minimize agriculture’s contribution to climate change?

•An Untapped Market

- High-Saving Youth & Women- solutions to meet market segment

•Digital Finance

- Which solutions will cuts costs, increase efficiency, improve risk management, and galvanize the continent’s agricultural sector?

- Tools and frameworks for FSPs to better understand rural customers

•Rural and Agricultural Finance: Current Status and Recent Trends 

- Differences and Overlaps: Rural, Agricultural and Micro Finance

- Specific Challenges for Financial Service Provision in Rural Areas 

- Changing Paradigms in Rural Finance 

- Key Areas and Hotspots

•Financial products and services 

- Lending and Leasing 

- Payment Services and Remittances 

- Insurance and Other Risk Management Instruments


- Agricultural Development Banks 

- Member-Based Financial Institutions

•Delivery Methods 

- Value Chain Financing 

- Banking beyond Branches

•Unlocking Agribusiness Initiatives and skills

- This session will explore on business Initiatives and skills put in place to enable farmers to think like business people

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Come meet and network with industry leaders who encounter - and solve - the same challenges you see every day. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage, benchmark your strategies, deliver a better customer experience, and so much more!


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