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Regulatory themes

  • Current Favorable Policies Within Government
  • Agricultural Investment Incentives
  • Viable investment areas in the value chain
  • Provision of enterprise specific infrastructure
  • Research and development
Processing and marketing of farm produce,
  • Agricultural produce storage
  • Commodity export and agricultural support services.
  • Real Value Creation- or how will that look like for each of the stakeholder
Private sector participation, in partnership with government, as the vehicle to fast track agricultural growth and development
  • Increasing the involvement of corporate in resolving agri- challenges
  • Developing criteria and capacity for modernizing agriculture & building a roadmap to transfer African agro-investments into global profitable enterprise
Agricultural value chain finance


  • Barriers To Access Funds- Is Agency Banking the Solution
  • Shifting from financial education to financial capability
  • Product offerings- Loan or savings? What does your client want
  • Rethinking Financial Inclusion. Tools and frameworks for FSPs to better understand rural customers

Innovative climate smart agriculture in Africa

  • Innovative Agricultural Insurance
  • Water - Improving domestic food production while preserving water
  • Life cycle approach and carbon foot print;

Technology Solutions

  • Where is the opportunity? New technologies for new business model
  • Harnessing the data evolution and the Technological breakthroughs
  • Advances and emerging technologies for postharvest storage process and food handling
  • Advances and emerging technologies for food process sustainability;
  • Supply Chain - Responding to related to supply chain and delivery.
  • Technology and raw materials for food production Quality control of raw materials

Innovative farmer management



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